Are Learners Engaged In Your Classroom?

“How engaged are learners in my classroom?” This is a common thought by teachers during or after a school day. In an article by Connect Learning Today, @KenRoyal states active involvement by learners should have “equal starring roles” allowing for the right feedback opportunities.

Learner Engagement

We need to constantly ask our learners their roles and procedures so they stay on task of solving the essential question. We also need to support learner led inquiry by facilitating problem solving opportunities, whether it be at the end of the school day or outside the classroom. Don’t forget to reflect on your own teaching. Request your administrator or peer to visit your classroom to provide suggestions on improving your lesson delivery.

Learner Response Systems

Our learners tune us out at some point during our lectures and we end up repeating content in fast chunks the rest of the day. Using a Learner Response System (LRS) in your classroom offers a richer learning environment. An LRS might be a handheld hardware like a tablet, iPad, Chromebook or Promethean ActivHubs. Many cloud based response system designs are dedicated to this edtech classroom environment. See more cloud based response systems here.

After you trigger your prompts, don’t forget to review and provide immediate feedback. After all, that’s what we want when we are reviewed by our administrators and/or peers who visit our classrooms. Finally, let’s ask our learners if their experience was successful.

Source: Connect Learning Today

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