Common Core in Action

Let’s see what our peers are doing in their classrooms, well more specifically, let’s see and hear Common Core in action in the classroom. We are sharing the work of some of our favorite teachers implementing the Common Core.

Additionally, check back to see more of our favorite resources. We begin with Twitter and Videos.


Follow some of our favorite Education Wizards on Twitter: Tony Wagner @DrTonyWagner, Jon Bergmann @jonbergmann, Jeff Herb @InstTechTalk, Bill Ferriter @plugusin, Jackie Gerstein @jackiegerstein, Lisa Nielsen @InnovativeEdu, Dinah Hunt @aueagle1, Edutopia @edutopia, Discovery Education @DiscoveryEd.


Source: Common Core in Practice: Great Teachers Demonstrate Moving to Deeper Learning.,. ‘Common Core In Practice: Great Teachers Demonstrate Moving To Deeper Learning’. N. p., 2015. Web. 22 May 2015.

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