Technology Is a Tool, Not a Learning Outcome

As teachers, we have pondered what role technology plays in our students’ learning and for some teachers, things become skewed when we start thinking technology IS a learning outcome. You may be asking yourself, “Wait, what? It’s not?”

In the summer of 2013, Bill Ferriter, a teacher & author, published a poster that has since gone viral. It shows a list of right and wrong answers to the question, “What do we want kids to do with technology?”

So, teachers, take into consideration your methodology of how you have implemented technology into your curricula. Does your understanding of education technology prove to be true? Yes/No? Do you need to take a look at the list again?

Ferriter’s statement is similar to a statement we published recently, “It’s About Attitude, Not Technology.” This statement is about providing our learners with opportunities to make a difference in the world. Don’t get bogged down misrepresenting technology as a learning outcome.

The motivation behind the image was to remind teachers that carefully thinking through just what we want our kids to know and be able to do is the FIRST step that we need to take when making choices about the role that technology plays in our teaching.

Sometimes I think we get blinded by the digital shine that comes off of new gadgets, tools and services. Worse yet, I’m convinced that far too many educators have bought into the mistaken notion that TECHNOLOGY motivates kids.” Follow Bill on Twitter @plugusin

Source: Ferriter, B. Technology is a Tool, NOT a Learning Outcome. Ferriter, Bill. ‘Technology Is A Tool, NOT A Learning Outcome.’. The Tempered Radical. N. p., 2013. Web. 22 May 2015.

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