Post Native Innovation Educational Technology Conference 2015

Thursday, Sep 17, 2015 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM MDT

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Spend 1 hour with Jerome Tsosie, LaVelda Charley, Kialo Winters and special guests from the conference in this POST-CONFERENCE Google Hangout conversation. Share new technology tools you have been implementing in your classroom or place of business.

This POST-CONFERENCE provides follow-up support on what technology tools work for you. Learn about new resources and popular technologies. Connect with new peers and form a community of support on a global scale.

This past summer, the 2015 Native Innovation Educational Technology Conference was held at the Twin Arrows Casino & Resort for the third straight year. Over two days, hundreds of technology professionals, school administrators, students, community parents and teachers discovered current and cutting-edge educational technology innovations and strategies to drive school and organization success. Topics included Native Representation in the Classroom, Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement, The CCSS/Technology VS. The Teacher, Sharing Cultures on the Social Web, NWEA Intro to Formative Assessment Strategies, Using MAP for Goal Setting, Google Apps for EDU and Monitoring Instruction, and much more.

There were 20 sessions and included keynotes by Michael Thompson and Dr. Jackie Gerstein. They shared extensive experiences within all facets of learning environments and provided depth of knowledge in working with minority groups throughout the world.

Our event began on Thursday from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM with registrants receiving their conference bags and Chromebooks! The schedule continued Friday morning at 7:00 AM with registration continuing at the front of the lobby. We ended the conference late afternoon on Saturday with a closing keynote by Dr. Jackie Gerstein. The conference also had space for vendors who promoted services and products. There was a Comedy Show held Friday evening at 7:00 PM featuring James June of 49 Laughs. Participants also participated in the GooseChase Scavenger Hunt by teaming up with friends and dozens of prizes were given out.

As you would expect from any conference, the 2015 NII EdTech Conference promised all the fun for your buck. Our event and its innovative nature, remains a must attend event in the Southwest.

This is Native Innovation’s first Google Hangout. This Hangout will be recorded & archived for the public.


  • Don’t Lose Momentum
  • Continuous Education
  • What New Tools Work for You?
  • A Better Environment for Learning
  • Survey

Jerome TsosieLaVelda CharleyKialo WintersJackie GersteinMichael ThompsonRon MaderMemarie TsosieDrew NedJen KleinFlorian Tom JohnsonAmy CarlyleJodi PetersKevin JimMichael Koranda Flower Darby


  • Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement by Dr. Jackie Gerstein
  • Native Representation in the Classroom: Understanding Images in Social Media & Integrating Native Writing Within Curricula by Michael Thompson
  • Power + Refresh = Reboot by Jerome Tsosie
  • Promethean This, Promethean That by LaVelda Charley
  • The CCSS/Technology VS. The Teacher by LaVelda Charley
  • Digital Storytelling by Kialo Winters
  • Digital Backpacks: Using Publishing Tools In Your Classroom by Kialo Winters
  • Chromebook 101 by Kevin Jim
  • Sharing Cultures on the Social Web by Ron Mader
  • Active Participation in a Virtual World: Collaborating on Educational Wikis by Ron Mader
  • Promethean This, Promethean That by Jen Klein
  • The Google Class Flow by Jen Klein
  • Power + Refresh = Reboot by Florian Johnson
  • NWEA Intro to Formative Assessment Strategies by Jodi Peters
  • Using MAP for Goal Setting by Jodi Peters
  • NWEA MAP Learning Continuum by Michael Koranda
  • Teaching Through Collaboration Using Google by Amy Carlyle
  • Improving the Instructional Core using Collaboration Tools by Kathy Tucker
  • Designing and Managing Common Core Curriculum Using Google by Kathy Tucker
  • Google Apps for Education by Andrew Ned, Jr.
  • Getting Started with Tools and Technology that Foster Meaningful Student Engagement by John Joseph Doherty
  • Getting Started with Tools and Technology that Foster Meaningful Student Engagement by Flower Darby
  • Using Social Media to Build Your Knowledge and Network by Memarie Tsosie
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    i accidentally stumbled across this site on social media. impressive i must say. I’m currently a full-time student with ITT Tech, Indianapolis online courses and have been searching for innovative, fresh, and helpful platforms to become more familiar with the IT world. i would like to know more about everything that you all do.

    Thank you,
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