Curriculum Connection Using a Smartboard

More Than Just Worksheets

Here is a list of ideas to support instruction using your Activinspire software application. Be creative in your teaching strategy and if you have an idea, first browse Promethean Planet to see if there is a flipchart close to your idea and download it.

1. Using Desktop Annotate to interact with websites and/or images from the document camera. Resource Video

2. Creating containers that provide corrective feedback to students as a learning center. Resource: Place Value to 999.flipchart

3. Using the Extract Text feature or paint can function within a text box (not locked) to teach note taking techniques, synthesis strategies, and vocabulary study. Resource Video

4. Create digital storybooks that allow for interactive reading strategies, word prediction, parallel writing activities, etc. Resource: jan-brett.flipchart

5. Embedding video clips within a flipchart to allow for still images to be captured while viewing the video content (can then be used for sequencing activities, labeling an image, creating a background image, etc.) Resource Video

6. Using the screen recorder tool to capture a mini-lesson for replay or remediation; having students use the screen recorder tool to develop instructional tutorials or to capture metacognition during problem solving.

7. Using the Caption Tool to provide “tooltips” with vocabulary support for ELL students.

8. Using the Camera Tool to embed student pictures or work samples into daily instruction and instructional examples.

9. Creating an Essential Questions page of your unit’s flipchart in order to add ideas, information, and responses throughout the unit of study.

10. Explore the Activities and Templates area of the Shared Resources to identify graphic organizers that scaffold your lesson and save time in lesson development.

11. Add User Defined Buttons to programs, URLs, or documents that you refer to often throughout a unit of instruction (either via the Edit Profiles area or by dragging a commonly used item to the main toolbox).

12. Use your flipchart as a lesson facilitator. Focus on student collaboration and cognitive demand for your lessons rather than teacher-directed instruction and presentation. DOWNLOAD: Working With Positive & Negative Numbers

13. Adding a Resource Pack with helpful images, resources, sound files, etc. DOWNLOAD: Containers Made Easy 2 Resource Pack.

14. Create your own Resource Packs with helpful images, resources, sound files, etc. VIDEO:

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