2016 Native Innovation Education Technology Conference



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    Richard Byrne
    Owner at Byrne Instructional Media, LLC
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    Frank Kitchen
    Life and Leadership Connoisseur at Frank Kitchen Enterprises


  • Attend “Using Plickers for Quick Formative Assessments” with @jay_soc #NII2016 RT nativeinnovation.com/2016summerconfence #edtech #conference #twinarrows #mlearn
    Jerome Tsosie
    CEO at Native Innovation
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    Kialo Winters
    Education Technology Specialist at NII
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    Kate Kox
    Education Consultant at Promethean
  • Comedy Show Friday 6PM "Living to be Warrior Strong” with @JamesJunes nativeinnovation.com/2016summerconference #twinarrows #conference #edtech #NII2016
    James Junes
    Comedian & Motivational Speaker at James Junes
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    Mark Becker
    Associate Director at Arizona PBS
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    Amy Benz
    Solution Sales Specialist at Promethean
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    Robin Bryce
    Technology Integration Specialist at PUSD
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    Joshua Lavar Butler
    CEO at Sandstone Public Relations
    Julie Carey
    Founder at Write Our World
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    Heather Fleming
    CEO at Catapult Design
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    Carolyn Harry
    Special Education Teacher at Washoe Co. School Dist.
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    Marilyn Help-Hood
    Educator at Tse'ii'ahi' Community School
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    Adewale Jr.
    Founder at WaleFit Inc.
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    Anderson Yazzie Jr.
    Education Program Specialist at Arizona Department of Education
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    Keith Young
    Account Executive at LOGICnow
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    Stuart Noggle
    Instructional Coach at Sanders Unified School District
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    Maria Burns Ortiz
    CEO and Co-Founder at 7 Generation Games
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Native Innovation Staff

Native Innovation, Inc. is a Native American & Veteran owned, full service network management and education technology service company based in Rock Point, Arizona USA. Brought to you by @jay_soc and @techKiao.

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